Toxic Tort/Environmental Law

Hurwitz & Fine, P.C. has been active in the practice of environmental law dating back to the Love Canal litigation in 1979 in which we represented one of the prime defendants. The firm currently handles a wide range of environmental and toxic tort matters, including claims involving exposure to asbestos, lead, mold and silica.

Asbestos exposure continues to be a major source of litigation and we have successfully defended hundreds of asbestos exposure claims in upstate New York, up to and including trial and appeal. With the number of viable non-bankrupt defendants in asbestos litigation dwindling, plaintiffs’ firms are constantly seeking new avenues and novel theories to prosecute their claims. We represent defendants throughout the supply chain, including product manufacturers, suppliers, installers, end-users, and premises owners. 

Our firm offers significant experience in defending lead paint poisoning claims across New York State. This unique complex litigation, with non-standard theories of liability, continues to be active, as plaintiffs claim permanent, irreversible brain damage, behavioral changes, and other neurological, and physiological injuries as a result of lead-poisoning. We defend property owners, landlords, property managers, and agents throughout the state, who are alleged to have provided deficient housing. We also have experience defending employers and contractors in suits arising out of occupational exposure to lead.