No-Fault/SUM Arbitration

Our attorneys routinely appear in front of various arbitrators in the American Arbitration system on No-Fault and SUM matters. We review arbitration demands that clients receive and prepare the client’s evidence submission and position statement for the arbitration. This can entail obtaining statements and affidavits from individuals as well as drafting legal memoranda. We argue the client’s position at the arbitration by pointing out pertinent information in the documents submitted, pointing out flaws in the applicant’s evidence, vigorously cross-examining the applicant, subpoenaing witnesses to provide testimony, and subpoenaing the requisite documents for the arbitration to support the client’s position. We handle arbitrations across the state for clients via live appearance, telephone, or video teleconference. 

We also have a reputation in the community where we can contact an applicant’s counsel to have a frank discussion with them on their arbitration demand. We discuss with them fatal flaws in their arbitration demand to the extent that the applicant has withdrawn either with prejudice or without prejudice pending providing additional information to the client the arbitration demand. 

We also represent clients in arbitrations with Arbitration Forums, Inc. For many self insurers or insurers, particularly in the trucking industry, we have provided sound advice on how to proceed with mandatory loss transfer arbitrations in this forum. We have also represented many insurers in special arbitrations in Arbitration Forums regarding complex insurance coverage issues. We have also represented insurers on substantial property damage arbitrations in this forum.