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    When You Need Us,
    We Are There

    Our 24 Hour Emergency Response Team has the experience and ability to provide fast, effective responses to commercial vehicle, construction and industrial accidents. We promptly put the right experts on the scene to preserve evidence, interview witnesses, and lay the foundation for the best possible defense.


    Reducing Your Risk

    Our experienced legal team will work with you to help implement best practices to reduce the possibility of a lawsuit, and provide a vigorous defense designed to minimize your exposure should an incident occur.


    Dedication to
    Client Service

    We are a dynamic, aggressive and highly responsive firm whose attorneys deliver top quality legal services in the most effective and efficient manner. Each legal matter, regardless of size or complexity, receives careful attention to circumstance and detail.


    Large Firm Expertise,
    Small Firm Service

    Hurwitz & Fine, P.C. provides clients with the diverse legal expertise and depth of knowledge of a larger law firm without compromising the personal service and hands-on responsiveness traditionally associated with a smaller firm.


    Got A Situation?

    No matter how complex the situation, we’ve got you covered. Our nationally recognized Insurance Coverage Team of trusted advisors provide critical analysis and perspective to regional, national and international carriers and businesses.


    You Imagine It,
    We Make It Happen

    Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable and resourceful at working to advance your project through every step in the process. We know how to structure and negotiate deals, assess the risks and benefits, overcome obstacles and uncover opportunities to best meet your objectives and protect your interests.


    Protecting Your Professional Practice

    Whether you are a physician, accountant, lawyer, architect or engineer, we understand your unique issues - from licensing and business formation to credentialing and compliance. We truly partner with our clients to become your confidants, advisors and strongest advocates.


    Commitment To Community

    Hurwitz & Fine, P.C has a longstanding tradition of community service. Our attorneys give their time and resources through leadership roles, service on boards, participation in charitable events, pro bono work and by volunteering to help those in need.

News & Announcements

Want To Be a Successful Marketer? Join and Participate in Defense Organizations.

Bar and defense organizations play an important role in developing relationships and networks and in giving you opportunity to publish articles and present to your peers and to others.

Get Out of Purgatory: How to End a Claim Where a Plaintiff has Died and No Estate Has Been Substituted to Continue the Lawsuit

Defense counsel deal with a myriad of issues in tort and premises liability cases which lead to undue delays. However, there is one type of delay that can seem to progress eternally slow, one where the named plaintiff has died.

Want To Be a Successful Marketer? Build Relationships.

Networking: It’s all about relationships. Networks built on friendship, on common areas of practice, on similar backgrounds or personal interests, THEY are critically important for the development of business.

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