Six Hurwitz Fine Attorneys Featured in The Harmonie Group's 2022 Significant Cases Publication

Hurwitz Fine P.C. had three courtroom victories in The Harmonie’s Group's 2022 significant cases publication:

  • Construction Site Injury (David R. Adams)
    Plaintiff Demands $6MM In Construction Accident
    • RESULT: Complete Defense Verdict for Contractors in a Three-Week Unified Jury Trial
  • Medical Malpractice/Nursing Home Negligence (Elizabeth M. Midgley, Elizabeth A. Adymy, Todd C. Bushway)
    Plaintiffs Want to Reach Back on Elimination of Immunity Statute
    • RESULT: Repeal of COVID-19 Immunity Statute Not to be Applied Retroactively
  • School Bus Accident/Non-Economic Damages (Anastasia M. McCarthy and Brian M. Webb)
    Plaintiff Wishes to Recover Noneconomic Damages
    • RESULT: Court Reverses Trial Court and Grants Dismissal to Defendants.

To download the publication, and for more significant cases, click here.


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