Automobile Liability

Since its founding, our firm has represented several major automobile liability insurers and the people and businesses that they insure throughout New York State.  We have defended claims, including property damage and personal injury, for personal lines, commercial, and self-insureds, involving automobiles, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, including buses, livery and ridesharing. We are committed to providing an efficient and effective defense of automotive liability claims, relying on our decades of experience in handling and defending these cases throughout New York State.   Our 24-Hour Emergency Response Team and extensive network of experts on accident reconstruction and medical causation puts us on the front line in defending these claims. We are always trial ready but mindful of the need for efficient resolution of these claims and frequently take part in alternative means of dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration.  Our attorneys are frequent lecturers and authors on automotive topics, notably New York State’s “No-Fault” Insurance Law § 5102(d) and the “serious injury threshold.” We further are well-versed in handling claims involving uninsured (UM), underinsured (UIM), and supplementary uninsured motorist (SUM) coverage.