Premises Liability

Hurwitz Fine P.C. represents building owners, property owners, restaurants and retail establishments in actions alleging personal injuries due to defective and dangerous conditions located on the premises. The firm regularly defends clients in a wide variety of premises liability matters from slip and fall claims, both inside and outside establishments, to falling merchandise and product related injury claims. In this context, we also handle tenders of indemnification to the outside vendors, landlords or developers responsible for maintenance activities on the premises including interior issues such as cleaning services or repair work, to exterior issues such as snow removal and parking lot repairs. 

The firm also handles claims against owners of premises involving allegations of improper design, construction or maintenance of buildings, stores, plazas, malls, parking lots and apartment complexes. 

In addition to handling the defense of premises liability claims, the firm also partners with its clients to assist in identifying and implementing appropriate risk prevention and management protocols, such as formulation of periodic inspection and maintenance procedures, identification and implementation of appropriate and effective security systems and personnel, accident response and investigative protocols, document retention guidelines for such vital information as inspection and maintenance records, spill response records, security video retention, cataloging and storage issues involving preservation of evidence.

The firm also has a 24-Hour Emergency Response Team which has developed a protocol for handling emergency situations, including trucking and transportation accidents; catastrophic events in the workplace and on construction sites, such as equipment failure, explosion or fire, and has 24-hour contact information for a carefully selected and vetted panel of experts to respond in serious accidents to preserve evidence, contain damages and help mount the best possible defense. 


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