Melville Medical Malpractice & Nursing Home Liability

Hurwitz Fine P.C. has a long history of successfully defending claims against health care professionals, hospitals and practice groups, rehabilitation centers, and long and short-term care facilities.  Our attorneys are well known in Western New York for their superior abilities in professional malpractice defense and health care law. We vigorously protect and defend physicians, clinicians, dentists, nurses, facilities, and all forms of health care providers in the full range of matters. We have the unique insight of decades of experience in all types of medical professional matters ranging from licensing and disciplinary matters, to business formation, to credentialing and compliance. Our longstanding history representing the medical community affords us a truly unique perspective. We have on-staff nurse consultant expertise to conduct medical record review and analysis, as well as a multitude of carefully vetted and developed medical experts to help mount the best possible defense.  Our attorneys have the experience needed to successfully navigate any complex medical case.