Three Hurwitz Fine Attorneys Featured in The Harmonie Group’s 2023 Significant Cases Publication

Hurwitz Fine P.C. had three courtroom victories in The Harmonie Group’s 2023 Significant Cases Publication:

  • Insurance Coverage (Steve Peiper)
    Second Circuit Returns to Traditional New York Approach in Applying “Horizontal Exhaustion” vs “Vertical Exhaustion” Where Other Insurance Applies
    • RESULT: Horizontal Exhaustion Rule Applied


  • Trucking Accident (Brian Webb)
    Plaintiff Seeks $5M in Damages from High-Speed Trucking Accident
    • RESULT: Claim Dismissed on Summary Judgement


  • Product Liability (Scott Kagan)
    Pour It Out: Plaintiff’s Lost Wine Profits Claim Barred by the Economic Loss Doctrine
    • RESULT: New York Appellate Division Dismisses Claim.


To download the Publication, and for more significant cases, click here.

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