The Rules of Evidence: A Practical Toolkit

Fri, Nov 22, 2019
9:00am - 4:30pm

NBI Seminars
Buffalo, NY
Earl Cantwell

Program Description:

The Rules of Evidence Simplified

The rules of evidence are constantly evolving in response to court decisions, technological advances in discovery, and changes to various state rules. It can be an onerous task to continuously analyze and apply them to your cases. How confident are you in your skills when it comes to gathering and working with expert witness testimony, email/ESI and the technicalities of hearsay? Learn from our experienced faculty as they explore key court decisions involving admissibility and practically apply the rules of evidence to common evidentiary challenges you face during litigation. Untangle the intricate web of evidence rules and procedures - enroll today!

  • Gain veteran tips on applying the rules of evidence at each stage of the litigation process, from discovery to trial.
  • Learn how to effectively analyze, authenticate, admit and exclude the most complex types of evidence.
  • Find out what red flags to look for when handling email and other ESI.
  • Explore hearsay in depth and get a concrete understanding of what constitutes hearsay.
  • Clearly link your evidence to your case with proven presentation skills.
  • Be prepared to argue relevance and get experts and evidence admitted (or excluded) in court.