Senior Member Dan Kohane Receives the Ken Joyce Excellence in Teaching Award

Hurwitz & Fine Senior Member Dan D. Kohane received the Ken Joyce Excellence in Teaching Award on Saturday, May 14th, 2022, at the UB School of Law’s 133rd Commencement ceremony. This award is designated for “a member of the adjunct faculty for excellent teaching and longstanding service to the School of Law.”

Dan focuses his practice on insurance coverage and has taught insurance law at the UB School of Law for 34 years. In addition, he also conducts extensive training, consultation, and in-house seminars in this area of law. 

"As a very new lawyer, I developed a passion for my area of practice. Not just subject matter expertise, not just the legal standards that are applicable to what I do, but passion, a love for it, a thirst for knowledge, a craving to absorb everything I could about my area of practice so that the subject matter became part of my DNA.  This passion has sustained me every day of my life as a lawyer. I teach here because I love sharing my love for the law with anyone who can benefit from it. Professors like Ken Joyce, who loved what he did, inspired me, by transferring his love, through his teaching style, to those of us who had the pleasure of learning at his feet,” said Dan.

Dan also said that his passion for practicing law has been so fulfilling and joyful in his professional life that “he hasn’t truly worked a day,” and he wishes just that for the new lawyers who graduated during the ceremony as they embark on their new endeavors.

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