Employers: Update Your Sexual Harassment Policies and Training Materials to Comport with New York State’s New Models

By Amber E. Storr, Esq.

On April 12, 2023, the New York State Department of Labor posted new guidance and its updated Model Policy on Sexual Harassment Prevention and training materials. The Department of Labor worked with the State’s Human Rights Division through the past nine months to develop the new model policy and training resources. These resources include more detailed information, case studies, and examples of sexual harassment beyond the typical office space, such as scenarios involving remote work and domestic workers. It also addresses how gender discrimination and stereotyping results in sexual harassment. The new model training also includes advice on how third parties can prevent and address sexual harassment of others. The State has posted online a new training video and accompanying documents for employers, and online resources to help workers understand the new policy and training requirements.

All employers should carefully review these new State resources, update their sexual harassment policies and ensure that their annual sexual harassment prevention training (including training of new employees) address all the NYS requirements as well as reflect the organization’s policies and workplace.

Hurwitz Fine P.C.’s Labor & Employment team can help you update your policies and is available to provide annual sexual harassment prevention training.

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