Effective Immediately: New York State Will Now Require Employers to Provide Electronic Versions of all Mandatory Workplace Postings

By Amber E. Storr, Esq.

On December 16, 2022, New York State amended New York Labor Law Section 201 to require employers to make mandatory workplace postings available to applicants and employees electronically. This means that in addition to posting physical notices, digital versions of the federal and state notices must also be made available through the employer’s website or by email.

The amendment was effective immediately and employers must act quickly to comply.

Action needed:

Employers should check to ensure that current versions of all state and federally mandated workplace postings are posted in the physical workplace. They must also make digital copies of these notices or download them as available from the applicable federal and state agency websites (or obtain them via their poster vendors). The electronic copies must be made available through the employer’s website or email. Additionally, notice must be provided to all employees and applicants that these documents are available electronically and how to obtain them.

State specific posting requirements may be found on the New York Department of Labor website. Federal posting requirements may be found on the US Department of Labor website.  Be mindful of additional postings that may be required for specific industries.

Hurwitz Fine's Labor & Employment team continues to monitor and analyze updates to employment laws and is ready to assist employers in compliance.  Please contact any member of the firm’s Labor & Employment team for guidance on these evolving issues.

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