Employment & Business Litigation Pointers - Volume I, No. 10


Employment & Business Litigation Pointers

Volume I, No. 10
Wednesday, June 24, 2020


As a public service, we are pleased to present this issue of Employment & Business Litigation Pointers, which aims to provide our clients and subscribers with timely information and practical, business-oriented solutions to the latest employment and general business litigation developments.  In some jurisdictions, newsletters such as this may be considered: Attorney Advertising.
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Managing Conflict as a Leader
By Ann E. Evanko, Esq.

We all know that organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, are comprised of individuals with varying ideas, strengths, opinions and backgrounds. Our organizations are also made up of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, different religious and political beliefs, and different sexual identities such as gay, lesbian and transgender. Different styles, needs, attitudes,  and work ethic are manifested differently by employees of different workplace generations (baby-boomers, gen-x’ers, millennials and generation Z, which is just joining the workforce). Strong organizations know the value of such diversity.

But what happens when ideas, opinions and experiences clash? The organization becomes unbalanced. The internal and external differences become strained and can become destructive to the business’ core values and strengths. Employee dissatisfaction abounds.

The leader who recognizes the importance of conflict resolution is a leader who understands the value of building strength from within, but to do so, one needs to be aware and mindful of the conflict and the need to resolve it.

How do successful CEOs and other leaders manage conflict that challenges the business each day?

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Discrimination, Harassment, and Accommodations During a Pandemic: What Employers Should Know About the EEOC’s Latest Guidance
By Katherine L. Wood, Esq.

With many regions now in Phase 3 of New York’s reopening plan, employers should be aware of potential claims they may not immediately view as COVID-19 related, such as harassment of employees of Asian heritage. Going forward, employers should continue to be mindful of their responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”), and other non-discrimination laws.

Read More: Part 1 (EEOC guidance related to workplace flexibility, reasonable accommodations, and unlawful harassment)

Read More: Part 2 (EEOC guidance related to age, sex, and pregnancy discrimination issues that may arise as the result of the pandemic)


A Whirlwind Introduction to Our Series on Business Contracts
By Lawrence M. Ross, Esq.

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the year 2020 in extraordinary ways, with consequences that have yet to be fully understood.  Some of the impact of the virus is clear:  its affliction of our elderly and vulnerable populations and the economic devastation left in its wake.  However, in several important respects, the influence of this contagion will go unrecognized until a later time, when a needed perspective is available.

For countless people and businesses, this painful period in our history cannot end soon enough.  The urgency in resuming a sense of “normalcy,” to return to the familiar, is palpable and overwhelming.

Now more than ever, we urge our business friends and clients to take this time to reflect on how commercial activities were conducted before the pandemic in the hope of changing the way you effectively conduct business going forward, with the purpose of mitigating or at least reducing your legal risk of exposure.

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Your COVID-19 Resource Center: Legal Updates Regarding the Coronavirus

Hurwitz & Fine is working hard to keep you updated with information that could affect you and your business during this pandemic.  The Labor & Employment team regularly shares updates on federal and state employment law developments in response to the coronavirus.

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