Law360: NY Panel's COVID Nursing Home Case Order Spurs Questions

Elizabeth G. Adymy and V. Christopher Potenza were published in Law360 on December 9, 2022 for their expert analysis article on "NY Panel's COVID Nursing Home Case Order Spurs Questions."

In the article, Beth and Chris discuss New York’s Litigation Coordinating Panel’s order to coordinate COVID-19 nursing home case, which leaves many questions unanswered, and litigants confused over the scope of the order. While the intent of order is to facilitate the consistent, efficient resolution of multiple lawsuits, from a variety of venues, for all pre-trial proceedings for claims against nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and similar health facilities alleging negligence in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, critical questions remain regarding the parameters of the cases coming under the statewide coordination order, including such fundamental questions as how to define the timeframe of the “COVID-19 pandemic” and whether the order encompasses all cases that arose during the pandemic, or only those injury/death claims that are specifically COVID related.

For a pdf of the Law360 article, click here

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