Hurwitz Fine Marks 45 Years of Client Service with New Branding

Hurwitz Fine is celebrating its 45th anniversary with an unwavering commitment to delivering the distinguished legal expertise and strategic business acumen that has driven the law firm’s sustained growth, and enhanced clients’ success, for over four decades.  Reflecting its new branding, the firm is now known as Hurwitz Fine, formerly Hurwitz & Fine, dropping the ampersand to create an updated, streamlined name. 

Introducing the tagline, Proven., the new branding powerfully communicates the hard work and hard-won solutions and victories of Hurwitz Fine’s attorneys, serving as an inspiration for navigating future matters, and a reassurance to both longstanding and new clients. The one-word tagline embodies the inherent value of the legal savvy and accomplishments that are the unassailable hallmarks of the firm. 

A full-service regional law firm, Hurwitz Fine expanded by systematically adding attorneys and opening offices across New York State and Connecticut.  Since its 1977 founding in downtown Buffalo, New York, by Sheldon Hurwitz and Robert Fine, the Buffalo-based firm has grown to nearly 60 attorneys located throughout nine current locations.  Addressing the complex business, litigation, and insurance needs of a diverse client base, the firm represents a broad range of industries and organizations from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

“The upward trajectory of the firm, especially over the past few years, is spurred by our niche practices such as economic development, medical malpractice, school district litigation, and insurance coverage; the formation of industry teams to provide a full range of services for our clients; and emerging areas such as Cannabis Law, Covid-19 and the CVA,” noted Jody Briandi, the firm’s Managing Partner.  She added: “There’s no question we will continue to provide the best advice and representation, and the highest level of client service, as we advance the firm’s potential and expand its capabilities.”

The new branding acknowledges the past as it heralds the future, and also features a new logo mark, which visually combines the first initial of each component of the name into an interlocked HF unit.  This represents the synergy of the firm’s diverse group of attorneys and their singular focus on achieving winning client outcomes and being on the cutting edge of legal trends.  The color, a modern-day green with a patina-like hue, underscores the firm’s storied history, and pays homage to the Lady Liberty statues that serve as beacons atop the Liberty Office Building, where the firm first opened its doors and still is headquartered today.

An integral component of the firm’s successful evolution is attributable to the diversity factor. Ms. Briandi serves as the second of two women Managing Partners of the firm, out of three Managing Partners in the firm’s history, and it was the first WNY law firm to undergo the Mansfield certification process, beginning in 2021.  “Moving forward,” she commented, “we will continue to prioritize and cultivate diversity.  It has been a signature asset of our firm over time and a major contributor to our success today.”

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