Health Law

The firm has taken a leading position in Western New York in Health Law. Frequently involved in matters pertaining to managed care, practice governance, HIPAA compliance, employment issues, financial audits, and hospital affiliations, Hurwitz & Fine, P.C. has considerable experience with the complex interrelation among private medical practices, third party payers, hospitals and governmental oversight agencies. It has established physicians, dentists, and other health sciences practitioners in various types of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other ventures and counsels them regularly on business issues pertaining to their professional practice.

Hurwitz & Fine is familiar with all areas of law relevant to successfully operating a professional medical business including practice consolidations and mergers, asset sales, practice structures, staff and physician benefits planning, medical staff matters, HIPAA compliance, confidentiality issues, medical records, licensure, credentialing issues, physician recruitment, community service planning, tax planning, retirement planning and civil controversy work.

We have successfully negotiated capitation contracts with local health maintenance organizations on behalf of our clients for the provision of specialty care and primary care services, and have experience in negotiations with regional and national practice management companies, third party administrators and insurance companies.

We recognize that changes in the Health Law field have a profound and often unanticipated legal and business implication, requiring a comprehensive approach. That is why we established a multi-disciplinary group called the Health Law Group several years ago to better serve the needs of our clients. The Health Law Group works cooperatively to find solutions to legal issues.

The Hurwitz & Fine e-mail publication Health Law Pointers was created to help keep our clients informed of the latest developments in this ever-evolving field. We summarize information from various news sources and provide tips that are of particular interest to physicians. In addition to patient issues, we include information on legislative, governmental and judicial decisions. Back issues and registration options are available on our website.